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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Revlon Starry Pink vs. Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato

I wouldn't exactly call this a "Dupe Alert" but rather a "Extremely Close Alert"! I fell in love with Revlon's Starry Pink as soon as I laid eyes on it. Light Pink, Glittery, Girly & right up my alley! I found it at Rite Aid (I have since seen it at Ulta) on a new display featuring their Expressionists Collection for Autumn/Winter (same display with Facets of Fuchsia). When I got home and put it on my nail polish rack, I couldn't believe it when I saw how close it was to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Pizzicato (from their latest collection, Firebird).

RBL Pizzicato, Revlon Starry Pink

Now obviously Pizzicato has more subtle silver shimmer, whereas Starry Pink has the same subtle silver shimmer, in addition to large silver glitter chunks. However, the bases are just about the same color. Pizzicato is definitely more of a creamy base, whereas Starry Pink leans more on the sheer side.

So I did swatches to see just how similar they actually were (or were not), and here they are (I did 2 coats of each)......

L-R: Starry Pink, Pizzicato, Starry Pink, Pizzicato

Starry Pink is so gorgeous, but it was too light and I wanted it to be the same creamy finish of Pizzicato. So, as I was experimenting, I ended up layering Starry Pink over Pizzicato and became absolutely OBSESSED with the result! Therefore, I decided to keep them both and wear them together as one, instead of keeping them for 2 different looks. I absolutely LOVE the creamy base of Pizzicato, but the large amounts of the silver chunks in Starry Pink is TO.DIE.FOR. I wish they could be combined into one polish. That would equal PERFECTION!

L-R: Starry Pink, Starry Pink on TOP of Pizzicato, Starry Pink, Starry Pink on TOP of Pizzicato.

In conclusion, if you don't want to splurge on RBL Pizzicato and can find Revlon's Starry Pink, I think with 3-4 coats of Starry Pink, you just may be able to achieve the same look!

Pizzicato retails for $18 (+shipping) and is available here:

Revlon's Starry Pink can be found at most drugstores and retails for $4.99 (unless of course you have some coupons, or it is on sale)!

What do you guys think? Will you be splurging and buying both, or going on a treasure hunt for Revlon's Starry Pink?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chanel Graphite vs. Revlon Carbonite

Lately, whenever Chanel comes out with one of their new, irresistible nail polish shades, we can almost expect Revlon to release a very similar, if not exact dupe a few weeks later. Well my obsession with Chanel & nail polish got the best of me, and being that I was scared to death that it would sell out and I would miss it, I snatched up a bottle of Chanel's Graphite as soon as it went on sale. Had I just waited and found a little patience within, I could have just bought Revlon's Carbonite and saved myself the battle with myself, blogs, and fellow Twitter followers about how close the 2 bottles really were. While some may think I am just a little bit CRAZY for deciding to keep Graphite based on the incredible sparkle factor that I just can't see in Carbonite, other fellow Chanel addicts will completely understand the need to refrain from returning it! Hopefully you watched my video showing the two live, but if you haven't, here are some pictures comparing them. **Note The first 2 pictures are with 1 coat and you can see how metallic and opaque the Revlon goes on, whereas Chanel is more "sheer" but definitely has way more sparkle. Chanel*s Graphite is on the hand with my gorgeous engagement ring for reference! You can click on the pictures to enlarge them ;)

1 Coat

Top: Chanel Graphite
Bottom: Revlon Carbonite
Top: Revlon Carbonite
Bottom: Chanel Graphite

2 Coats

Top: Revlon Carbonite
Bottom: Chanel Graphite

Top: Chanel Graphite
Bottom: Revlon Carbonite

I don't know if the pictures do these colors justice....I can definitely tell the difference, but some may think I am losing my mind. If you are not one who pays all that attention to detail and you just want this shade of polish purely based on the color, than you can easily save yourself the $25 and pick up Revlon's Carbonite next time you*re at the drugstore. However, if you are one that has a very detailed eye and may be slightly compulsive ::cough me cough:::....splurge and get yourself a bottle of Chanel's Graphite ;).

Hope that was helpful!!

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