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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For Your Mini's Easter Basket!

Its almost time to fill up those baskets again!  I did a post similar to this one last year and have been getting asked to do another one this year.  Here are all the things I've either picked up for Addison's basket or things that she already has and loves.  I hope you can find some ideas of things to include in your little mini's basket!  

How adorable is Fleur the knit bunny?!  I got Addie Suzette the Fox for Christmas and she absolutely loves her.  And I have to add that she is super soft and made incredibly well. When I saw they had a bunny while shopping at Christmas time, I knew I had to scoop her up for Addie's basket.  I got her the Mini for Christmas and the regular size this time around.  Use code "Easter10" through Monday for 10% off your order.  And for Mama's of little misters, grab your little guy Pierre the bunny, he's just as soft and cuddly!  


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