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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Cosmetics Wholesale - SMH Shadows and Swatches!!!

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a 100% obsessed MAC addict, and I will be the first to admit it! However, that doesn't mean I am close minded when it comes to trying out other brands and products. When ACW contacted me asking if I would like to review some of their new eye shadows, I of course JUMPED at the opportunity. To be completely honest I think I was more excited that I was contacted by ACW than I was about the actual shadows, (until I saw them of course ;). I have just always loved ACW and have several haul videos to show for it. My bank account on the other hand, not a big fan, YIKES! I*ve always had amazing customer service and they have helped me build up my MAC collection for a fraction of the cost! Ok enough babbling and onto my new loves =)

(You can click the pictures to enlarge them)

Pink Opal, Show Stopper, Cocoa, Warm and Fuzzy, Wine Not
Mimosa, Creme D' Nude, Frenzy, Cashmere, Dominatrix
Mint Julep, Parakeet, Fresh, Olive Branch, Regal

Mimosa, Mint Julep, Parakeet, Fresh, Olive Branch, Regal
Pink Opal, Showstopper, Cocoa, Warm and Fuzzy Wine Not, Dominatrix, Cashmere, Frenzy, Creme D' Nude


Pink Opal, Showstopper, Cocoa, Warm and Fuzzy, Wine Not, Dominatrix

Wine Not, Dominatrix, Cashmere, Frenzy, Creme D' Nude

Mimosa, Mint Julep, Parakeet, Fresh, Olive Branch, Regal

The shadows that stood out the most to me and some of my favorites: Dominatrix, Creme D'Nude (LOVE this name, as it is my favorite MAC lipstick!), Parakeet, Fresh, Showstopper, & Wine Not.

Needless to say, these shadows are truly BLISS! Absolutely freaking GORGEOUS!!

Have you tried these yet? If so, what are your favorites?

Monday, September 7, 2009

August 2009 Favorites

What were some of your favorites last month?

A Wee Bit of a Clothing Sale!

E-mail me @Michelebell21@gmail.com if you see anything you like

7 For All Mankind - Bootcut in New York Dark

Worn 1x
Retails for $155.00 I am asking $100.00
Size 28
Shipping - $6.00 with Delivery Conf.

Forever21 Dresses - I bought these all in a hurry when I was shopping last minute for a wedding....stupid me never tried them on and with the stores STUPID return policy of 21 days, I totally was late on returning them. They are all Brand New, Never worn and the tags are still on them.

Forever 21 - Silky Strapless Tube Dress, too small for me!
Size S
Retails for $12.50 I am asking 9.00
Shipping $2.00 with Delivery Conf

Forever 21 Black Dress - Gorgeous! I wish it fit me =(
Retails for $27.80 I am asking 22.00
Size S
Shipping 3.00 with Delivery Conf.

Another gorgeous dress, but it didn't fit =/. Chiffon type material.
Retails for $29.80 I am asking $25.00
Size M
Shipping $3.00 with Delivery Conf.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Came After Dark, Than Came Midnight.....

Anyone that knows me knows that my Staple Fall nail color is OPI's Linkin Park After Dark. It has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I absolutely LOVE dark colors such as this one for the fall, especially on short and nicely manicured nailes! I was browsing the nail polishes in the aisles of Ulta the other day when I came across OPI*s "Linkin Park at Midnight". OMG! Where have I been? How long has this color been out, and WHY did I not know about it! Needless to say I walked out with yet another bottle of Linkin Park After Dark and Linkin Park at Midnight. Some may say I am crazy for buying 2 of basically the same color, but I would disagree. "After Dark" is a flat, matte and creamy black purple. "At Midnight" is a more shimmery, satin and a slighty lighter-dark purple (if that makes sense). Here are the swathes:

Linkin Park After Dark

Linkin Park At Midnight

Side by Side:

I hate to say it, but "At Midnight" may just replace my beloved "After Dark", at least for this fall!

What are your favorite fall colors?

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