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Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Came After Dark, Than Came Midnight.....

Anyone that knows me knows that my Staple Fall nail color is OPI's Linkin Park After Dark. It has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I absolutely LOVE dark colors such as this one for the fall, especially on short and nicely manicured nailes! I was browsing the nail polishes in the aisles of Ulta the other day when I came across OPI*s "Linkin Park at Midnight". OMG! Where have I been? How long has this color been out, and WHY did I not know about it! Needless to say I walked out with yet another bottle of Linkin Park After Dark and Linkin Park at Midnight. Some may say I am crazy for buying 2 of basically the same color, but I would disagree. "After Dark" is a flat, matte and creamy black purple. "At Midnight" is a more shimmery, satin and a slighty lighter-dark purple (if that makes sense). Here are the swathes:

Linkin Park After Dark

Linkin Park At Midnight

Side by Side:

I hate to say it, but "At Midnight" may just replace my beloved "After Dark", at least for this fall!

What are your favorite fall colors?


  1. i totally agree michele! I have "Lincoln park after dark" and although its pretty, sometimes i find it a bit too dramatic for my taste! especially once i lose my summer tan and go back to being fairly light skinned. But "Lincoln park at midnight" looks JUST RIGHT and I will def. be buying it soon!

  2. I am loving that at midnight one - I soo want a bottle! Wish we could buy OPI in Switzerland :(

  3. I love them both :)
    Hard to get them off your nails though haha <3

  4. I totally didnt know there was a difference! I dont remember which one I bought... but I just bought it cause my favorite band is Linkin Park lol!

  5. I think the At Midnight is a great work week shade, maybe After Dark for fun weekend things. I might hesitate for the After Dark for the full week, but both are goregous! Guess this will have to go on my wishlist! ;)


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