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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mini NYX Haul

I have always been a fan of NYX. Great quality, highly pigmented and totally affordable! The only problem has been trying to hunt them down! They are available at various online shops, including CherryCulture.com. The only store I know of that sells it is Ulta, which was No where to be found by me. You can imagine my excitement when a new Ulta just opened up by my house!! You can also imagine my disappointment when I got to Ulta on a mission to find this special blush, only to find the NYX counter sold everything EXCEPT blushes!! Ahhhh! So I took to CherryCulture.com and their 20% sale and treated myself to a few things!

Cinnamon Blush - I saw this blush on several beauty blogs recently and I was intrigued...not only do I LOVE the name, the color is unlike any blush I have ever owned! It is a BRIGHT Orange. I hear it being compared to NARS' Taj Mahal quite a bit, however I have never owned it, so I can't say. Reviews had stated that it was very sheer, but to my surprise, I found it to be extremely pigmented! LOVE this blush...it falls in the same category as Salsa Rose from MAC Pro - bright but GORGEOUS when applied with a light hand and fluffy brush!

Desert Rose Blush - A deep raspberry/mauvey/rose, this color is GORGEOUS and PERFECT for Fall!

Raisin Blush - Another name that caught my eye - this is a taupy/dirty brown color and my FAVORITE by far. It too is extremely unique. You can use it as a contour or on the cheeks for a different, yet stunning look!

Cream Blush in Glow - As most of you know, Blushcreames are some of my favorite products from MAC, so I wanted to pick up a NYX to compare. The pigmentation on this blush is INSANE! You will note from the picture 1 major difference between the consistency and texture of MAC vs. NYX. MAC is more of a dense, thick formula, whereas NYX is extremely creamy and more "liquidy" if you will. I wasn't expecting it to smear so easily, its almost as if it was left in the son and melted. Totally deceiving just by looking at it though!

Suede Eye Shadow - Another blog favorite that I have had my eye on for quite some time. My Ulta was sold out of it. It is just your average shimmery brown, perfect to sweep all over the lid on its own, or pop it into the crease for your exciting, everyday, neutral looks - my favorite!


Rasin, Desert Rose, Cinnamon, Suede, Glow

Last but not least - I could NOT resist when I saw these. Cupcakes are my favorite - (Red Velvet to be exact) and whats better than having a little pot of flavored lipgloss inside. Conversation piece or stocking stuffer for a 5 year old. You be the judge, but none the less, they are ADORABLE and I love them!

Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange, Cherry


  1. I also placed an order to take advantage of the sale and since we didn't have any nyx here too. Too bad I didn't get to see your haul before I placed my order since I wanted to try out their blushes but didn't know which colors to get so I just got 1 powder blush in Mauve and got the cream blush in Glow, although that Cinnamon and Raisin look very nice, I think I'm getting them next time. As for the eye shadow also didn't know what to get since most swatches looked different so I ended up getting the White and Barely There.
    I didn't get my order yet so don't know how they'll be and I'm so excited to play with them

  2. Great haul and swatches! I think raisin looks beautiful, pretty for this time of year! And suede too...I also love NYX, I just wish they were more accessable! The swatches on cherry culture are extremely deceiving, so they need to either fix those or sell the entire line somewhere...maybe Target?

  3. I found a Harmon by me (less than five miles away!) that has a huge NYX section. Can't wait to try it...will definitely be gentler on my wallet than MAC.

  4. I recently reviewed the NYX runway palettes on my blog and Youtube channel:



  5. now that you have taj mahal would say the NYX blush is a dupe ??? have you worn either with optamistic orange ???


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