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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiffany Bows!

Anyone that knows me knows I have a HUGE weakness when it comes to Tiffany & Co. I got my first piece of jewelry when I was 15 and have been obsessed ever since. I don't know if its the infamous Tiffany blue color, the incredibly attractive wrapping, or the amazing quality you get with their jewelry, but I am sucked in everytime I walk past a store or receive the catalog in the mail. Needless to say with the holiday season quickly approaching I have received numerous "blue" catalogs come into my mail box over the past few months. I always want everything in it, but there was one piece that kept staring at me in every one. They are the newest addition to their collection this year and they are the CUTEST earrings I have ever seen. The epitome of a girly girl. Introducing Tiffany Bows!

I couldn't take looking at them in one more catalog. I always hate ordering from the catalog because their pieces aren't always true to size. Soooo, I dragged my boyfriend to the mall an hour away from us to the nearest Tiffany & Co. Much to my disappointment these babies were SOLD OUT! The Sales associate told me the last pair literally just walked out of the store as I was coming in. BUMMER! My boyfriend told me I was crazy, being that my birthday and Christmas are around the corner and I should wait, but I couldn't! One awful thing about me is when I want, I want NOW! Needless to say, I ordered them right then and there and got them in the mail about 4 days later. I am OBSESSED! If you girls ask for 1 thing this year from your parents/boyfriends/husbands, let it be these. You will not regret it, I PROMISE! And at the affordable price (for Tiffanys) of $125.00, you won't feel too guilty asking for them =)


  1. LOVVVEEEE those... They are so cute, and your right... girly.

  2. Those are so cute!!
    My boyfriend ordered me the Paloma's crown of hearts ring for Christmas and I can't wait to get it!! Its my first ever Tiffany jewelry!

  3. Adorable Michele! I love Tiffany's as well. If it wasn't for another pair of Tiffany earrings I plan on buying soon (Little silver stud ball earrings, actually I think you may own them!), I would totally want these!

  4. they are so cute!!!! still waiting on my tiffany key!! please check out my blog... www.beautybootyx.blogspot.com

  5. These made me want something from Tiffany's. Maybe next year I'll have to go buy something pretty for myself. :)

  6. They are really sweet! Great investment :- )

  7. Do you like the Tiffany keys?
    I'm getting one for Christmas but I'm not sure if I should get the 1 inch heartshaped one or the 2 inch one.
    Help plz haha!
    I'm ordering online so that's why I'm not sure sice I haven't seen them in person :) Tnxs!

  8. I got the Tiffanys bow necklace!! just LOVE it and its so cute on a short chain!

  9. These are gorgeous!

  10. these are adorable! I want them! I love bows! I do own a bow pair of earrings just not Tiff's I do have several Tiff things and I love each and every one of them!!!

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