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Saturday, April 2, 2016


Well hello, friends!  Spring is here and its hard to not feel refreshed and inspired again with all the beautiful colors, flowers, & Spring fashion!  I always feel more motivated in the Spring to update my blog and visit different parks and places to shoot some photos!  I heard about this semi-local park and their famous Bluebells late last year, and couldn't wait to see them in-person the first chance I had!  When I scooped up this dress on major sale at Nordstrom recently, I thought it would be the perfect outfit to shoot with the Bluebells!  Also, today is the annual Light it Up Blue for Autism, so a post centered around the color Blue only felt appropriate!  The outfit is simple, but the Bluebells are amazing!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and don't forget to Light it up Blue for Autism today! 

Huge props to my photographer boyfriend for this shot....I'm kind of obsessed with it!  



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