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Saturday, December 20, 2008

NY, New York Here I Come!

My bf and I are going to NY tomorrow until Sunday to celebrate our birthdays, (18th-me & 21st-him). I am super excited!!! We were supposed to go today and than we got bombarded with a snow storm, so it totally through a monkey wrench in our plans. I can't wait. New York is my favorite place on earth, but NY at Christmas time? I can't even contain my excitement right now!! We have a full day of activities planned. Were going to see a show, not sure which one, either the infamous Rockettes at Radio City, or something on Broadway. Of course we have to see the tree, that just goes without saying. I would LOVE to go ice skating, since I have never gone, and than grab Hot Chocolate at Dean and Deluca across the street. We want to get a crazy characature done of the 2 of us, they are so fun! I of course want to hit up MAC Pro, as I have never been, but if I have to settle for MAC that is fine too, as there are MACs everywhere and only 1 Pro. I have been eyeing up this watch at SWATCH, so I really want to stop in the ginormous Swatch store in the middle of Times Square and buy myself an early Christmas present! Woosh, so much to see and do and SO little time!! I just hope its comfortable walking around and not bitterly cold. I have to say, my boyfriend is truly amazing....what a good sport, he just goes with the flow, in and out of stores and never complains, he*s the best! Check back on Monday, I*ll be sure to post pictures and perhaps a Haul if I get lucky =)
Sleepy time for me...Goodnight!

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  1. You are soooo lucky - I really want to go to NY shopping xxx Just found your blog and enjoying reading it xxx


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