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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post NYC - Sorry its SO LATE!

Wow, its been quite a while since I got on here! I really came on to delete this page, because I really have been slacking with it, but than I saw I had some followers and felt kinda bad! Apparently some people enjoy reading my blog?? Sooooo this is for you guys! Another update....I promised pictures from our NYC trip (even though that was more than a month ago ) so that is what I am going to post!

Needless to say, we had a fabulous time in my favorite city in the world. To some it up, We saw the Rockettes, strolled through Sephora (and of course picked up a few goodies), had Sushi (mmmmm my favvv!), grabbed some Starbucks, walked around in the snow, slept over in a fancy hotel and came home! Unfortunately with the weather being bad we really couldn't leave until later, and it totally through a monkey wrench in our (I mean mine..DUH) plans to visit MAC Pro. I guess its just one more excuse to go back to NYC! So without further ado......here they are =)

The BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree!

Look how a snow flake completely covers my bf*s eye...hehe

Too bad this didn't look anything like us...its still a funny picture!

The infamous Rockettes! They didn't allow pictures, but I snuck a few in!

Always my favorite way to end the day =)

So there you go!! Sorry to leave you guys hanging for a while! Thanks so much for sticking with me! I promise I am going to make a conscious effort to keep up with my bloggy blog! The next post and probably most of them after that, will be make-up/handbag/shoe/fashion related! I may stick some funny pics in here or there! If there is something specific you guys want me to blog about, just say the word!!!


  1. Oh my gosh ! I didn't know you have a blog. why and how did I miss it ?You and your boyfriend look so good together.very nice couple ! I love the pictures and how I wish I could visit NYC someday.It's my dream to travel there. I would definitely check this blog from now on and can't wait to see new pictures as well.
    Hugs xox from Japan !

  2. aww these pics are so cute!!
    Your bf reminds me of Freddie Prince Jr.. hehe. It's a compliment :D

  3. u guys look cute....the pics are lovely too...good luck!!!


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