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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I swear in these Economic Times that we live in today, you would think we would all be about saving money, and yada yada ya! However, I feel as though us Make-up whores are probably spending more than we have ever spent before on these yummy and oh so fabulous (MAC) collections for Spring/ Summer!! I mean COME ON!! First there was the LONG awaited Coveted Hello Kitty Haul, which we have been saving our pennies for, for MONTHS! And now, just when we're all broke, MAC has to go ahead and release 2 more AMAZING collections....hmph! And we*re not even at Kitty Kouture yet!

The next collection to grace the MAC counters is the Sugar Sweet Collection. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this collection as soon as (I*m not even gonna lie here) I saw the name of it! What a gorgeous, scrumptious and Oh so "sweet" collection! My wish list is already a mile long! Here is a picture of the collection for you to "indulge" in!

On my list presently are the following:

Saint Germain Lipstick - this lipstick is currently only available in the UK and it is GORGEOUS.
Lollipop Loving Lipstick - Totally missed out on this in Heatherette
Sweet Thing Lipstick - Can we say SUMMERTIME?!
Tricolour Lipglasses - These are a first for me, however not sure about the payoffs, they appear pretty sheer, but I will probably get a few, what with names like Just Dessert, Tasty, and Simply Delicious how am I expected to resist them?!
Dear Cupcake E/S - If I only bought this for the name that would be ok, but its a Mid-tone pink coral with gold pearlized pigments....LOVE
Aquavert is a repromote and Stars & Rockets is Perm, both of which I do not have in my collection!
Red Velvet Shadestick - Beside the fact that this is my ALL TIME MOST FAVORITE CAKE IN THE WORLD...the color is GORGEOUS!
Peppermint Patti and Seasonal Peach will add some gorgeous colors to my summer nail polish fetish!
The Mineralize Skinfinishes are different MSFs than I have ever seen...Definitely getting Perfect Topping its Pink/Peach/Lavender melange and I think the other will have to be swatched for me to decide!

After Sugarsweet fades away, it will quickly be replaced with "A Rose Romance Collection"

If you don't fall in love the pictures alone and all of the PINK in this collection, and maybe you don't even love the idea of Fix+ Rose, but....umm Rose Imprinted Beauty Powders? ENOUGH SAID!

Once again I am broke and the collections aren't even out yet!! Are you still splurging on these collections, despite our current recession, or are you shielding your wallets from the MAC counters?!

You can find complete details and more pictures at www.temptalia.com!
Image Credits/Info. Credit: www.temptalia.com & Bjooti.net


  1. i am sooo excited for both of these collections as well!!! okay, so my wish lists are as follows:

    Rose Romance:
    beauty powders!!!
    and i'll have to check out the lipsticks, lipglosses, and the lip colour things, along with the gel blush (sounds interesting)

    sugar sweet:
    saint germain l/s
    bubbles l/s
    the shadesticks (not sure which colours i want yet)
    the tricolour lipglasses (again, not sure which ones)

  2. @ Ashley I*m so glad to know I*m not the only one very prepared for these collections!! I am very curious to see how Bubbles looks on the lips!

  3. OMGSH i am soo gonna go broke too.
    just CAN'T resist these pretty colorss! ah!


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