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Friday, February 6, 2009

Urban Decay - Are you Trying to Rip Us Off??

So I*m sure the majority of us have all tried the wonderful and "Holy Grail" product for some, the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion
I myself am one of those who has been obsessed with this product ever since I*ve gotten my hands on it! So last week I was scraping (or so I thought) the tube with the wand and pouting because I thought it was the last of my precious UDPP. I had remembered hearing people talk about "decanting" their UDPP in some YT videos and never thought anything of it. So before I tossed it into the trash, i figured, what the heck, and did a search for "depotting your UDPP" on You Tube. Boy am I glad I did. I found some really good and super detailed videos and pictures on how to actually "depot" your UDPP. Let me just tell you that these people that made videos are a lot neater and more graceful than I am! It turned out to be such a mess...I couldn't cut through the tube, and when my dad saw what I was doing he looked at me like he had 4 heads and asked, "Michele, what the HECK are you doing, trying to saw your finger of?" So being the handy man that he is, he went into his trusty box of tools and came back with pliers in hand. So about 5 minutes later and 4 separate pieces of the mangled purple tube I was finally able to scrape out every last drop and put it into a 5g sample jar. I seriously had to wipe some off the top and toss it (tear) because the jar wouldn't close.
*I would have taken pictures to show you what I had to go through, but honestly it was embarrassing the mess I made. It looked like a 5 year old got her hands on it!

I AM SO MAD! All this time I am thinking I was off to Sephora to spend another $16 and buy another UDPP, and here I have a HUGE jar chock full of UDPP, probably to take me until Summertime! Is this Urban Decay's way of making money off of us naive peeps? I am so bothered by this! So I vowed, NEVER again will I purchase this product. It shouldn't be this much of a hassle to use up all of a product. On to Too Faced Shadow Insurance I go...right? WRONG!

So when I was in Sephora last night, I walked over to the Too Faced counter and tried a sample of TFSI....I don't know what I was expecting it to be like (UDPP?!) but it felt a lot greasier to me and more oily...it really didn't absorb into my skin the way UDPP does. Now lies my dilemma...

Do I just suck it up, bite the bullet and continue to support Urban Decay, and just make a mess and decant it into my jar each time? Or do I just give TFSI another try....as I know a lot of people do really love this product. I absolutely LOVE UDPP, I am super confused. Annnnd if I put it into the jar I run the risk of it drying out, which I have heard can happen. I am very sure that when I twist the jar it is securely closed, but still, I shouldn't have to worry. Than I saw the new UDPP in SIN. I LOVE THIS! Its the prettiest color and I would seriously wear it by itself on my lid....but than there goes the same problem again of having to decant....

UGH! HELP! I am very tempted to write UD a letter begging them to change their packaging...anyone with me?! Please let me know if any of you have tried Too Faced's product and your thoughts....am I a sucker if I just go back and repurchase UDPP?


  1. I like this primer http://shop.spellcosmetics.com/product.sc?categoryId=1&productId=240

    Spell MagnetEyze.

    But if you have to repurchase UDPP, you'll be better next time at depotting it, practice makes perfect, right? lol

  2. I wish they would change the packaging too, but another part of me wonders if maybe you're still getting the right oz's w/o all the cutting apart? Like that's just overage that they put in since the packaging is so cute? I don't know, that's what I'm trying to convince myself because I definitely like UDPP more than TFSI. If it was in the TFSI tube, it would be the best primer, hands down.

  3. @ladyace347 THanks for the Rec on Spell, I have yet to ever order anything from there, I will have to check them out! You make a good point about perfecting my "UDPP Depotting"! I will probably end up just getting it again...sheesh!

  4. @CheapChick Hmm never thought of it that way with...that may actually be a valid point! Yea I think im gonna give TFSI one more swipe on my hand or maybe get a sample from Sephora because I*m not totally sold on it yet and I*ve been using UDPP for so long. Its kinda like one of those "If its not broke don't fix it". I can't see myself changing b/c I love it SO much...just such a hassel!

  5. Wow, thanks so much for this post!! I thought my udpp was finished but now i am def going to depot it! thanks :)

  6. @ Superficialgirl No problem! Glad I could help out! Just prepare for an itty bitty mess....unless you have more grace than me!!

  7. You really need to watch enkores video about depotting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkzonbf-3Hs his udpp dried up in the tub. Now he puts it in empty lipgloss pens from https://www.starsmakeuphaven.com/product_info.php?products_id=206 it totally saved me from spending more money on udpp or even worse trying to find a substitute :o hope this helps x x

  8. Try painterly Mac paintpot.

  9. Hi Michele! Everything you said about UDPP is just exactly the same I think. I'm from Spain and I bought that product last year while I was living in DC and, a few monts ago I was so worried because I was almost run out of it (We don't have Urban Decay here!) but suddenly, I was doing my make up when the UDPP fall down and it broke just on top, OMG! there was a big amount of product! I did the same with my sister's UDDP and now, the two of us have a jar full of potion :-) That's crazy, I saw videos of people depotting it and it's so much work. I hope UD people could hear us and change that kind of annoying packaging!

  10. I had never used primer until just a few weeks ago, and oh my gosh I cannot believe I ever lived without it. I bought TFSI instead of UDPP, only because the container is more sanitary(Im a bit of a germ freak). After hearing what you had to say about how much you love UDPP Im getting some tomorrow. My sephora carries it in a normal tube also, as well a the one you have pictured.


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