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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EOTD (Eye of the Day)

I used my new Glamour Doll Eye Shadows for the first time today and just had to take pictures because I am SO in love with how my eyes turned out....wow a little full of myself there? I promise I*m not, its just been a while since I did a "netural eye" that I really loved so I was quite happy! Here are some pictures:

Caution, Eyebrow FAIL! Thats what I get for going to someone different than my friend who normally does them....Like I said in my eyebrow video...find 1 person to do them and STICK to them! Now comes the fun part of growing them back in =)
"He Loves me Not" all over the lid, "Boyfriend Sweater" on the outer 1/4, "Chocoholic" in the crease and "Brown Eyed Girl" under the lower lash line.

Look at the sparkle in the inner corner...AMAZING!

I am honestly SO pleased with these shadows, they are so gorgeous, have amazing pigmentation, go on like silk, blend like a dream, and stay put all day! I am writing this post at 10:40pm and you would never know it judging from my eye shadow. The owner of Glamour Doll Eyes (Shout out to Vee!) was so sweet to offer to send them to me to review. My review has yet to come (it will be in a video), but I can't wait for it, you girls (well my neutral gals anyway) are going to feel the need to get these babys and add them to your collection PRONTO!


  1. i love this look! its Neutral but it looks a jazzy update of the neutral eye :)

  2. amazing! I love that the colors are neutrals because I have been wanting to try GDE but the colors are usually too sparkly and out there for me :) thanks for showing us :)

  3. I like your brows michele :)

  4. i've never gone for glamour doll eyes because most of the tutorials i see on youtube use such bright colors, but i love what you did here :) those shades are really eye-enhancing on you--can see why you were so pleased with the outcome.

  5. We've never tried Glamour Doll Eyes before. We are big into neutrals and this look is gorgeous:)
    -Kelly and Allie

  6. Thanks for all the love prettys!! xox

  7. love the make up..check my blog out at dropdeadgorjusz@blogspot.com

  8. Hey , I didn't know where to write to you , because I'm not so good in blog , you can probably tell by the way my blog looks like but I wanted to buy the NYX Eyeliner in White Pearl $1


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