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Monday, May 3, 2010

Yellow Nails?

When I first bought this color I thought, GORGEOUS! But I feel its a bit of a different story on the nails....I really can't decide how much or how little I like it. The application was incredibly streaky, but once it was layered it gave a more "opaque" and creamy finish. However, you can tell from the pictures that not every nail applied as perfectly as the rest. I do think its a pretty color and I don't mind it so much, however it is definitely not a color I will be keeping on my nails and toes all summer. This is one of those colors that unfortunately won't look great on everyone, as I wouldn't recommend this color for fair/pale skin tones as I feel it would make you hands look washed out. This will definitely look AWESOME on more tan and golden skin tones for sure. So get your spray tans on before you pick up a bottle of Lemon Fizz =)


  1. I love yellow nails... but alas, I am an NC20 and I cannot pull them off. Looks great on you though! :)

  2. This looks perfect for me (I have some South-Asian in me)! Thanks so much for the swatch!

    I have also been loving really pale pastel yellows!


  3. I have a naturally tan skin tone but I'm not really a fan of yellow polish.

    Looks good on you, though.:D

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. LOOOOVE it. I bought this color recently and haven't used it yet...and now I think I'm gonna have to =)

  5. Yup I am pale and I have a yellowish tone to my skin so I think this color would make me looks sickly. But thanks for the review and the swatch. I think it looks super good on your hand!

  6. China Glaze can be streaky sometimes thats why I dont like it that much. Its a fun color though. I would wear it.

  7. i cant pull of yellow nails BUT it can for NC25 and up look more tanned im NC15 so... i have not a chance in hell lol


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