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Monday, February 10, 2014

A New Beginning!

I have been a VERY bad blogger these last few years.  I just threw myself into You Tube and kind of let it go and for that I am sorry!  Ever since becoming a stay a home Mom, not only has my main job changed, my priorities have as well.  Although I still really love making videos and still enjoy all the interaction with everyone, its not always easy to find the time to sit down and record a video, edit and upload it.  Anyone else that stays home and has little ones I'm sure can relate.  I absolutely LOVE my new job and feel so blessed everyday that I get to be home and with my little girl 24/7.  However, now that I am home, there isn't a lot of time during the day to film videos (I only film when she is napping or on the weekends when Nick is home), and the little time that I do have to myself, I don't always want to spend it sitting in front of a camera or a computer.  Enter-the return to blogging!
              As most of you know, I have been breastfeeding Addison since she was born.  When we returned from the hospital and I was getting up a few times in the night to nurse her, I was always on my phone to pass the time (and not fall asleep while nursing).  Nick was always asleep beside us, so watching videos was not an option, so I started reading blogs. Now that I am a Mom, I have discovered some amazing Mommy and Lifestyle blogs and I have really took a liking to the blogging world!  After giving it much thought, I decided to try my hand (again) and contribute.  Blogging is so much faster than filming / editing, and I feel like I will be able to share more with you and more often.  I really try to keep to my upload schedule on You Tube every Tuesday and Friday, but with blogging, I can do that from anywhere without having to worry about lighting, background noise, putting on a full face of make-up, having my  hair done, etc.  I keep a long "Video To-Do" list on my phone of ideas/things I want to share, that I don't always have the time to devote a whole video to.
My hope is that blogging will be a way for me to keep in touch with you guys on a more regular basis and share more of my life with you-without the pressure of an upload schedule.  I have no intention of stopping You Tube, in fact I am enjoying it more now than ever! But when my schedule doesn't permit making a video, I want to stay in my PJs all day without any make-up on, or I can't wait until Friday to tell you guys about an awesome new product, this will be another outlet for me to connect with you all on! While I do plan on covering the same kind of content as I do on my YouTube channel, (Makeup Hauls, Product Reviews, Outfit of the Days, Stella & Dot, Tutorials), I would love to start doing more home decor and mommy / baby related posts.  I never realized just how many viewers I had that are fellow Moms until a recent video where I asked some advice on breastfeeding.  Since my little girl was born, I get requests on the daily to include more baby/mommy related videos on my channel.  I haven't done too many because I don't think the majority of my viewers would enjoy that-and rightfully so. Lets face it, I started doing YT before I was even married.  People didn't subscribe back then to hear about baby stuff!  With my blog, I'm hoping to incorporate more of those kinds of posts for those that are interested.  That way, those that are interested can read, those that aren't, can skip it, and I'm not wasting my time filming a whole video for only a few people to enjoy. If there are other requests for my blog, please send them my way!  I hope you guys will share in this new endeavor with me and we can all enjoy the ride!

P.S. Please bear with me on the design of the blog.  I know its not fancy, but I am in the process of working with someone to help me give it a MUCH NEEDED Make-over ;)


  1. So glad you have a blog, im a stay at home mom of a 6 month old little girl, so I appreciate your info very much and I absolutely love your tutorials girl!!! xo Jennifer

  2. Welcome back to blogging Michele!

  3. This is great and I am excited for this! I am a soon-to-be mommy and learning about others' experiences is such a great way to feel more prepared!

  4. Welcome back! This is great, I love watching your videos! I am also a stay at home mom to a wonderful 5 month old baby girl. I am excited to hear all of your experiences and ideas.

  5. Welcome back! can't wait to read your blog posts! :) I am a huge fan of your videos, always so informative and truthful. Can't wait to see some outfits, reviews and other fun stuff.


  6. Hi, Michele. I read your Twitter comment regarding your return to the blog world and knew I would catch up with you there. I have been a fan of your YT videos, but knew I would like your blog as well.. I was driving into work today and I thought that by writing, not that recording/editing isn't a skill, writing is a skill to always keep sharp. I am glad you are exploring this, again. Good luck. I will follow. Rebecca

  7. Love your vids Michele. They are so informative and helpful. You're detailed reviews & recommendations on make-up, skin-care & fashion have been very entertaining not to mention very useful over the years. Now coincidentally I also have a 9 month old little girl which makes your baby related videos also interesting to watch as we seem to be experiencing the same joys of being new mums. Keep your recommendations on all topics coming! Welcome back and wishing you the best in 'Blogging world!' Eva, (London)


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