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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Hair!

Ever since I started noticing less and less fall-out and shedding due to being Post-Partum, I couldn't wait to schedule a hair appointment.  The last cut I had was about a month after Addison was born and my ends were desperately needing some new life!  I also wanted to do something with the color since I haven't really touched it in YEARS.  A few box colors here and there, but I haven't been to the salon for color in what feels like forever!

I wanted something chocolatel-y brown, soft and most importantly subtle.  The thing I love most about my new color is that I won't have to worry about noticeable regrowth in a couple months.  It will grow out with the same ombre effect.  I can't tell you how much lighter and fresher the cut makes me feel too.  She actually cut about 2 inches, and after seeing how little it was, I asked her to go a little shorter.  I had her cut in long layers all around, which is normally how I have it cut, and Voila`!

                                   Before                                                                    After (sunglasses)

When I asked Kristle about the exact colors she used, this is what she told me (literally, word for word) ;).  "Your color is a dark chocolate at the base to a light chocolate at the bottom.  Its a hand painted ombre crushed in foil, not a true baylage.  All color, no bleach lightening".  So there you have it!  If you guys live around the Lehigh Valley and are craving a new do' I would highly recommend giving Kristle a try.  And just a side-note, she does BEAUTIFUL up-dos, if you ever have a wedding/event to go to!  You can schedule an appointment with her at Apotheca Salon & Boutique.  Tell her I sent ya ;)

P.S. I often get asked if I am still getting Keratin treatments and the answer to that is no.  The last one I had done was probably about 2 years ago.  I honestly haven't felt like I needed one.  My waves really have relaxed and the frizz is pretty much non-existent.  Though I think I do have pregnancy to thank for that, I do attribute it to the 3 Keratin treatments I had done in the past.  I really feel like the results have lingered and really helped my hair for the better.  You can actually get them done at Apotheca as well.  They use the Simply Smooth line (the only line I have and would use). I had my second one done there and had amazing results!

Video Outfit of the Day Details

I hope you are all digging yourselves out of the snow and staying warm!


  1. Hi Michele, I was really happy to hear in your last youtube video that you are going to make more posts on your blog. I'm enjoying reading all of your posts - you are a great insiration for me being a mom who is (still) interested in beauty and fashion. Love your classy style!


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