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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes!

As soon as I heard Hourglass was set to release correlating blushes to their ever-so-popular Ambient Lighting Powders, I could not WAIT to get my hands on them!  They released 6 different shades of blush each of which has a corresponding lighting powder swirled in with color and baked.  They look very similar to MSFs from MAC. The packaging is a smaller version of the powders and set in gold rather than bronze.  To compare, each blush retails for $35 and contains .15oz., whereas the powders contain .35oz and retail for $45. I decided to go with Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat.  I thought these were the most "bang for your buck" as far as color payoff.

I use the Diffused Ambient Lighting powder on a daily basis (major HG status), so it was only natural for me to go with the partnered blush.  It is described as a "vibrant poppy" and let me tell you-it.is.freaking.gorgeous.  It is definitely one of the more pigmented of the 6 and gives off a very bright coral color on the cheeks.  I love that if it goes on a little too dark I can go right over it with the powder to "diffuse" the color and soften it a bit.  I have been waring it a ton, however I think it will look even better on sun-kissed tan skin.  Spoiler Alert - his will most likely be in every month's favorite's video throughout the summer!

Mood Exposure is a gorgeous deep neutral flush.  It is described as "soft plum".  However, it doesn't really read plum on my skin.  I would describe it as more of a dusty rose.  I would put it in the same family as Tarte Exposed or NARS Douceur.  I think it is a must have Fall / Winter color, but its definitely one I would feel completely comfortable wearing in the Spring and Summer.  I find myself reaching for this when I just want something more natural or on days where I want to skip the bronzer but still want some defined cheek bones.

It fascinates me that these blushes give off such a glow to the skin, without any kind of shimmer/glitter/satin finish.  I have been switching between these 2 for the last 3 weeks and have had no desire to reach for any other blush (and if you've seen my blush collection, you will know how serious my love affair is)!  I'm thinking I may need to go back for Radiant Magenta eventually, but I'm not really into the other 3.  I swatched the others in store and they didn't have a great color pay off  nor do I think they would show up too well on my skin-especially with a little bit of a tan.  If I'm paying $35 for a blush, you better believe I want the blush to actually show up!

Have you picked up any of these blushes recently? If so, which are your favorites?


  1. I wouldn't bother with Ethereal Glow or Dim Infusion, not read very good things about them and I think they probably would look a bit chalky on your skintone. On the other hand, Radiant Magenta will look amazing when you're tanned!

  2. I was kind of hoping that these would be terrible, so I don't feel the urge to get them. I am such a blush addict! Guess I'll be placing an order... :)
    The Grass Skirt

  3. Must try these out!



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