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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Love Affair with GlamGlow Supermud Mask

Where do I even begin with this product? After hearing all the buzz and rave reviews on this, I felt compelled to try it out for myself.  And so my love affair with GlamGlow's Supermud began....

The first time I tried this I saw immediate results - and that my friends, is something I can't say about too many products.  It has a spa-like menthol and black licorice smell which I really do enjoy (and I HATE black licorice).  I apply it with a flat synthetic brush and find that it helps to distribute the product more evenly and waste less.  Once you apply it, it immediately starts to harden (literally, good luck trying to smile) and dry.  It dries completely in about 7-10 minutes and as it starts to dry, the magic begins.    I was shocked  horrified to see the amount and size of the pores all over my face. I guess I never looked that closely to my skin before to notice them all, but after using this, well I am quite aware of their existence!  It wasn't even completely dried yet and BOOM they were everywhere!  Whats even better is the amount of dirt that came out of them.  While some may think this part is gross, I happen to love seeing the spots all over my face in a sick and twisted way.  It was fascinating and if I'm being honest-freaking AWESOME!

Taken right from GlamGlow's website - "NEW ACNECIDIC-6™4.4% the first 6-Acid AHA & BHA Blend for mind-blowing faster results. NEW Pore-Matrix™ with Activated-X Charcoal & New K17-Clay™ for deep pore vacuum extraction, encapsulation & seemingly poreless skin."

SPOILER ALERT - Scary Pictures Ahead....

Feel free to click on the pictures (at your own risk) to really get a close look of all the beautiful pores and dirt removed on my face thanks to this baby!  All of those "pieces" are who  knows what, but my guess is dirt, grime and everything else that has been stuck deep inside my pores for a long time.  After I rinsed it off with warm water, my skin felt super soft and very supple.  I couldn't wait to do it again and counted down the days for my next treatment.  I was even more amazed the second time around to actually see less dirt and smaller pores!  Needless to say, I am forever a fan and will continue to not only repurchase it, but shout it from the rooftops to everyone and anyone.  I've even gotten my husband hooked!  Oh, and if you can't a few days to do your next mask, you can actually use it as an overnight spot treatment - amazing!

Have you guys tried this? What are your thoughts?


  1. I am OBSESSED with my glamglow. It's so amazing and my skin feels so much better!

  2. I've seen this on amazon before but didn't feel comfortable buying from them. A lot of the reviews say the product has clearly been opened and used some (gross). Maybe they are selling their returns on Amazon!? Just wanted to give you a heads up if you want to try and go that route. I'd be interested in your opinion if you do buy it from Amazon.

  3. Sold!!...will purchase it as I am obsessed with masks and always looking for new ones.



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