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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whats in my Beach Bag!

What I would give to go back to Paradise aka Punta Cana!  I am a little late in this post and some to follow but once I came home it was back to reality and a lot of womp....womp....womp...well, life!  Here were the staples I had with me all week in the Dominican Republic.  They protected, hydrated, refreshed and made my skin GLOW!

Beach Bag | Passport Cover | Coola Sunscreen | 5 in 1 Face Cream | Tarteguard | AviatorsCard Holder | Hydrating Vitamin Spray | BEACH CREAM

Pom Pom Beach Bag - When I spotted this in Old Navy I practically ran to grab it as it was the last
one hanging!  The colors.are.just. and to top it off the bright little pom-pom tassel tie!  Its an average straw bag thats very durable and fits a TON of stuff!  If you are planning a vacation or heading to the beach, you need this!

Leather Passport Cover - I absolutely LOVE this so much! Its buttery soft and the silver embellished font makes it extra special!  The size of it also made it super easy to grab when I was shuffling through my bag.

Coola Sunscreen - I discovered this gem in Hawaii a few years ago when I left my sunscreen at home and I've been a fan ever since.  Not only is it natural and safe, but it smells INCREDIBLE (Pina Colada is my favorite) AND the spray nozzle makes it a fast and painless, non-greasy process.  P.S. I also really love their face sunscreen, too!

5 in 1 Face Cream - This is not only a wonderful face sunscreen, but its an all-around moisturizer that  you can also count on to even out your skin tone and prevent and reduce wrinkles! I use this a lot when I am pressed for time and  want to skip the process of an spf, moisturizer and primer.

Tarteguard - A face sunscreen (spf 30) from the brand whom creates all products without all the not-so-nice chemicals and ingredients. that is natural and unscented. It leaves behind no whitecast or greasy feel.  Also love the bright neon purple packaging!

Aviators - A classic.  nuff' said.

Card Holder - I loved having this on my trip because it took up no room at all and I could carry around my license, room key, cash and a card all neatly stashed away!  It was great to grab and go as well to go eat or grab a drink.

Hydrating Vitamin Spray - I used this each and everyday in between laying out and sweating my buns off.  It cooled my face off, smelled like fresh oranges and when it dried it didn't feel drying.  Its also the perfect little size to grab and go.  I even used this on the plane on the way down as the air on the plane is just well-non-existent, not to mention how dry it is 30,000 feet in the sky.

Beach Cream - AERIN sent this to me just before my trip and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  I just had a spray tan done and its the perfect body moisturizer to enhance your glow, hydrate your skin and lengthen your tan.  It also smells wonderful and has the tinniest hint of shimmer!



  1. Thanks for the recommendations michele .... you always inspire me.... that no matter how busy we are as moms we deserve and should take care of ourselves ... you are looking your best.....love watching your videos and blogs

  2. Hi Michele. I bought the Coola face sunscreen today, the cucumber one. I also received in the mail today the Schmidt ' s natural deodorant on a Sunday no less! Gotta love Amazon Prime! Awaiting for the primal paste. I also picked up one of the Laura Gellar lip crayons, I love all of them! You look more beautiful than ever and you always inspire me.

    Michelle from Rochester

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